Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time to run the race - again!

Youngest Child is at it again - he's racing in the Miracle Kids Triathlon on this Saturday, July 16 at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, MN. 

This is a kids triathlon where he'll be swimming 100 yards, biking three miles and running 1/2 half mile. He's racing in the name of Collin, 12 year old who is in treatment for B-cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.

This race (and its sister race in August at Lake Ann) is a fundraiser for the Miracles of Mitch Foundation and its theme is: Kids Racing for Kids Who Can’t. 
One proud Dad!
Because they spent a lot of time and effort describing MoMF, we took this explanation from their website:
"Daily Miracles … in the Spirit of Mitch
 The Miracles of Mitch are the daily good works inspired by 9-year-old Mitch Chepokas to help the families of children battling cancer in Minnesota. Sealed with a pinky swear between Mitch and his father, Steve, The Miracles of Mitch Foundation (MOMF) was created to honor Mitch’s desire to support these families during a stressful time in their lives.

Before he died in 2003, Mitch Chepokas used his own money to donate to other kids with cancer and convinced his parents, MOMF founders, Becky and Steve Chepokas, to continue helping these families after he was gone, easing families' financial burden so they can enjoy their time together.

MOMF assists families of pediatric cancer patients by: making mortgage/rent and car payments, purchasing groceries, hosting a five-day summer camp for current and past pediatric cancer patients and their siblings, hosting Minnesota Miracle weekend getaways, and creating specially-tailored quality-of-life initiatives for kids with an advanced stage of cancer."

My family and I hope you will visit our MOMF fundraising page here and make a donation to help this organization.  Youngest Child is  pretty excited about this hard work - if you go to http://www.miraclekidstriathlon.org  (the Miracle Kids Triathlon website), you can see what all the excitement is about!

Time to run!

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Guinifer said...

Youngest Child certainly has touched my heart! Good on him.