Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gauge problems stink!

Okay, I might be lazy but I'm not stupid. I did a gauge swatch for my OD's denim blue sweater. I made the prescribed gauge of 4 1/4 stitches per inch with US size 6 needles. I am a loose knitter so this is roughly 3 sizes smaller than the pattern writer used. I should have known but my swatch was fine. While knitting the actual sweater, however, I've been getting the sick feeling that the sweater is Too Darn Big.

Yuck. Tomorrow, I'll take the needle out and measure the gauge again. Luckily, I only have about four inches of pattern completed. So, an afternoon of ripping out while watching TIVOed Craig Ferguson.

Not to really complain, but tonight we spent the evening boxing up the contents of my kitchen. Tomorrow, my husband rips out all the cabinets. Stove. Sink. The refrigerator is already in the dining room along with the coffee maker. Now, in case you didn't notice, Thursday is a major cooking/eating holiday here in the United States. I won't be able to make microwave popcorn, let alone a Thanksgiving turkey.

I am not sure how I am going to feed everyone, but I see it as a chance to loose weight. Raw fruits and vegetables, breakfast cereal and coffee. Yum.

Next week, however, the flooring guys come on Monday and Tuesday, the plumbers arrive on Wednesday to reinstall the radiators (heat, yea!) and finally, when the cabinets are installed, the counter guy comes to measure for the counter top. I can only hope to finish the sweater before the kitchen. Perhaps a challenge?

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Janet Evans Houser said...


I too suffer from loose knitter's syndrome. Sometimes I overcompensate by knitting things smaller by a size or two, that is in addition to selecting needles several sizes smaller. My knitted garments tent to widen with wear, and shorten. Have you ever had this problem? Do you block? I have avoided this but maybe that is the answer. How is your sweater coming along?
Happy Knitting.