Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lazy and not-so-lazy Thanksgiving Day

So this morning the Oldest daughter and I ran in the Minnesota Boat Club's 5K Turkey Trot. I am happy to report that neither of us were last. I was pretty happy with that. I haven't run in a race since high school and OD, never, so we were happy to just finish. It was very cold this morning and that made it hard to breathe. Notice our high fashion Minnesota outfits!

Now for the sad side of Thanksgiving. I took the blue sweater off its needle and, Yes, it was Too Darn Big. Well, up a needle size again. I think I'm having this problem with gauge because I get tense and force myself to get the right number of stitches. Come One, come all! Take a look at the Giant Sweater!

(And, notice all my worldly kitchen goods in boxes!)

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the Sith in Training said...

^-^ Me likey, mom, me likey.

And yes, she is my mother! MWAHAHA!