Wednesday, November 16, 2005

winter knitting - just in time

Today we had our first snowfall in the metro area. Not really enough to shovel and just a little icy but cold enough that I feel empowered to stay in and knit. The Little One and I just made muffins, I put on some holiday guitar music and as soon as I help LO set up his racing set, I am casting on.

The newest sweater is "Seed Stitch Simplicity" from Knitter's Magazine Fall 2000. I'm adapting it to knit in the round and using a two-ply, rather coarse woolen yarn from Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista, MN. This is a working educational farm in the Three Rivers Park District. They raise Border Leister, Finn and Clun Forest sheep and this year had the wool turned into yarn. My daughter chose a denim blue yarn for an outdoorsy-top layer kind of sweater. I think the yarn is pretty nice (not too soft, however) and you can check it out at the Gale Woods Farm website,

I'm still working on the photos - bear with us!

Last night I worked on the pink baby sweater for Lea. I've progressed enough to connect the two sides. Next step is the neck bands and hood.

Lo, how a rose ere blooming - love that carol.

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