Friday, November 18, 2005

Progress on the blue sweater

I've knitted about two inches on the blue sweater for my oldest daughter. Because the hemline is supposed to roll, instead of ribbing, I started with a round of purling, then one of knitting. This when I discovered that my cabled cast-on makes the very first row (the cast-on row) look like purling. So, it looks like two rows of purling then one of knitting - with the end result being, not very much rolling going on.

I picked this cast-on as a more flexible hemline but - I think I'll let it go a bit before frogging back down to the cast on. After all, lazy knitting is the way to go. It may turn out to look nice. Hmm.

I'm still having creation problems with the links and photos I want for this page. Hopefully, I'll get them ironed out this weekend.

The lovely snow of Tuesday and Wednesday has melted and all that's left is slop. I heard it was going to be 60F tomorrow. That I've got to see!

The baby sweater is getting close to completed. However, after two in a row, I think I need a break.

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