Saturday, April 07, 2007

Look, the knitters are coming!

It must finally be spring - the knitters are swarming.

So, after we poured into the hall and filled every seat, we sang "O, Canada" in both French and English. This sweet music lured the elusive Stephanie Pearl McPhee from her hiding place behind the curtain and the party began. She was funny, thoughtful and very, very tired. By the time we got to the signing table, she just looked beat. Although, in this picture, she is definately looking the better of the pair!

I am holding her sock and she's got my sock. The colors are almost the same but SPM's sock had much better knitting mojo. Everyone wanted to hold it and see it. I did wonder, however, if my sock would magically become longer. One quick look, however, told me the sad news. Not a millimeter longer. The Yarn Harlot did say, however, that she regretted having to sign her "freakishly long" full name on every book. It appeared she was considering, "Cheers! xoxo, Steph" as her new sign-off.

My sock was put aside more often than not this week, when I remembered I had a baby shower to go to next week. That means "Baby Sweater Overdrive" - back to Lillie's Little Sweater in Nature Spun's Bamboo. I think I am going to put in the buttonholes on both sides this time - that way the new baby's Mom can sew on the buttons to match boy/girl customs. You know, "girls are right" for girl's sweaters.

I am also putting off listening to the "Ready, Set, Knit" podcast until I can get my neckline for their Take a Deep Breath sweater cast on and ready to knit. I think I can get that part done this afternoon. I am finally going to use up that Rowan Yorshire Aran Tweed in the Cheer colorway for this sweater as something for one of my daughters.

Today's Saturday Seven was just a simple offshoot of Spring. Growth! Youngest Child grew over the last year and, other than the fact that he apparently has a navy blue shorts statch. he contributed seven items of spring clothing - four pairs of shorts, one sports bag, one pair of boots and one pair of tennis shoes.

Look, the blue shorts are leaving! Happy Spring!


Lorraine said...

Isn't it shocking how fast they grow! I'm starting to clear out DD#3's outgrown gear. It's been a little sad to realize that the last one really is THE LAST ONE. Then again, the space it leaves is nice, too.

Guinifer said...

Those sports bags never seem to leave my house - they just multiply!

Kate said...

I'm so far out of touch these days that I didn't even know the Harlot was appearing in town until I read it in the paper afterwards.