Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mr. Muggins pays a visit

According to a little on-line research, to mug is to drink, and, in literature, Mr. Muggins is a drinker. I am both a coffee and a tea drinker. Unfortunately, this nicely insulated travel mug fits none of the cup holders in either of our cars. So, when the tea or coffee inevitably spills on me, it is always still very hot. Off to the rummage sale with you, Mr. Muggins.

My other Saturday Seven have already left Chez Daisy. I gave the gate and the carseat to a friend with a toddler.

The books, all fiber related, I donated to the Textile Center of Minnesota's Garage Sale last week.

I have been mostly working on my green socks this week - sadly, there was a significant amount of frogging involved.

That little blue marker showed where I made a significant pattern error. I was almost up to turning the heel so I am more than a little blue. What a Muggins!

Today, however, I was at the Knitting Guild of Minnesota's Yarnover. This day of classes was just great - I took a lace edging class where I learned some new skills and a great design class from Meg Swanson. Both classes gave me a ton of new ideas for working out of my stash. I've been having some concerns about the "Take a deep breath" sweater that I've been working on from the Webs site. I think I am going to incorporate some of Elizabeth Zimmerman's ideas to change the neckline. We'll see how it works out . . .


Guinifer said...

Sounds like the Yarnover was very productive! At least it pointed you in the right direction (your stash!)

Lorraine said...

I'm so envious of your trek to Yarnover. But sorry about the froggy sock. Was the error more visible in person than the picture would indicate?

Ellen said...

The photo was taken a little after I'd begun knitting again. So, what I originally found was a horrible mistake of two right needles and one bad, naughty needle. I tried to pick out the one needle but no, not today, thank you. No knitting mojo for me.