Saturday, August 11, 2007

I may not be able to grow zuchinni but I will have the Pumpkin to beat all pumpkins!

Remember this?

Now, this is what it is becoming.

But it is STILL on the needles! This better be the best pumpkin I've ever seen. Or I forsee Pumpkin Pie on the menu.

As for the Saturday Seven - it was more of the same. The last collection of clothing for the Fairfield Children's Home went with a young lady from our church. She is going to study and work in Zimbabwe this fall and is collecting items for use in the home. I can only hope the shorts and teeshirts are what they are looking for.

This weekend is the Irish Festival in Saint Paul and we had the dickens of a time finding a parking spot near our designated biking spot. Despite this, we had a great ride up and down the Missippi River. It was just gorgeous! Sometimes, I miss Pennsylvania (my home state) but there just isn't the same attention to outdoor activities there. Very few bike trails. Not a whole lot of lakes to swim in. Cross country skiing? What's that? We are very lucky here in Minnesota.


Lorraine said...

Bummer about the zucchini. Maybe the trick is to plant 10 seeds and get 10 plants to cross pollinate? Of course, then you get thousands of zucchini, millions of zucchini, until you start having nightmares about rotting zombie zucchini stalking you, throwing broken ovens at you.

Maybe you should just be thankful.

Guinifer said...

Oooo - I love the pumpkin. Orange is one of my favorite colors this year.

And, if we don't have enough lakes in Minnesota - Wisconsin has a few to share!