Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Read This Or Else! (a.k.a. Revenge of the Giant Pumpkin)

Here I am, shuffling along with my Giant Mistake of a Pumpkin, and this guy is putting me to shame. He started this Flower Basket Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark in SeaSilk just about the same time as I started my blue shawl and it is gorgeous. And then - he gave it away. Yes (well, he is a guy and it might look funny on him) - off it went. I would have a hard time giving away anything so pretty.

This Boy Knits: Heh, my bad

Oh - here's the flat version of my pumpkin. I loved making the leaf and vines but the pumpkin - eh, not so much. It was just too big. The pattern was great, however, and I recommend it to others. Just give up your social life as it will soon revolve around giant squash.


Lorraine said...

I wonder what % of shrinkage you'll get. Can't wait to see if fulled and full of stuffing.

puggyknits said...

Ellen~ I love it!!! Please let me know where to get the pattern 'cause I already have no life and I might as well spend all my free time with a pumpkin-in-process. I've been switching my Fall decorating scheme from Halloween-centric (kids grew up, faith influence decision) to Autumn-centric designs: leaves, pumpkins, Autum colors, etc. A lovely felted pumpkin would fit in very nicely! Congrats on the race, too.