Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Birthdays, nonsense and socks - Oh, My!

Happy Birthday to my Two-Headed Valentine!

Yep, today is my husband's birthday. After a lovely dinner and strawberry shortcake outside on the patio, he opened his presents - one of which is a bust of Winston Churchill. Andy's a big fan of Winston and decided that he could ride around on his shoulder. The rest of the gifts were great as well (One daughter gave him a "Nunchuks" - a little gun that shoots tiny nuns across the room!) but I know he'll be having some long talks with Winston.

Despite the festivities, I've been alternating work on my Flower Garden Shawl and the Poor Pink Socks. Nothing I do makes them look any better - I can only hope that steaming/blocking the heck out them will make them seem like a decent pair of socks. I did the first 2 1/2 inches with #2 needles and switched to #1 needles for the rest of the sock. It gives them a bit of definition at the lower calf and lots of room at the top. I've read a bit about this technique and I think I'd like to try it on the foot as well - but that will have to be another pair of socks and another story.


Guinifer said...

Is that Lisa Souza yarn that I see? I had the same issue with my Cant-elope. I wear the socks, all the same.

Lorraine said...

I think the socks are lovely. The color is so sweet.

Happy B-day to the DH, too. Sounds like he's a Pun Fan.

Nunchuks . . . ROFLOL.

Mama Turtle said...

Omg! The Nun-chucks! **Giggle**

Happy bday DH!