Saturday, September 01, 2007

One last time . . .

I cleaned out my bookcase this weekend as part of my big Labor Day cleanout. It's funny but it always seems to be the best weekend for a good cleaning. I can remember cleaning and moving my living room furniture around the weekend that Princess Diana died. I actually didn't have much to remove but I did find a few items to weed out. Every one was a good read but it's time to pass them on. They'll be going off to the St. John the Evangelist big sale. It's lucky that they do this sale twice a year!

The rest of tonight I'll be watching "Breach" with DH and knitting on the Flower Basket Shawl. It's time to get that finished as well.

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Guinifer said...

You would be so proud of me! I totally emptied and reorganized my kids closets this afternoon and have two large garbage bags to give to the Salvation Army, or the Vets, or the Lupus Society - whomever gets here first.