Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday sights and sounds . . .

Pretty boring. It was a lovely afternoon but I didn't do anything besides run errands and clean house. I used to have a rule that all cleaning needed to be done on Friday afternoon so we all had a relaxing weekend but, now that the girls are all teens, we just can't fit it in. I hope that tomorrow allows for more knitting time.

Today's seven was mostly leftover books, some misplaced baby clothes and a tee shirt I just never liked. I gave away the girl-related books to GFM - she's got a daughter and she'll probably find a good use for the information.

Knitting-wise, I'm waiting for the Flower Basket Shawl to finish blocking and whiling away the time working on a little shopping bag as a gift. I have to admit, this Red Bag (Oat Couture's Stow Away Shopping Bag) is the second attempt. I tried it with another pattern and some linen and almost lost my mind! I think it's just the very blunt needles needed for the large gauge. It's like knitting with sausages.

I would love to find a pointy version of circular 15 and 1/2 size needles. Any ideas? I might see if the Knit Picks Options come in such a large size - I like the smaller sizes a lot.

I didn't like knitting with linen, either. This Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece is about as coarse as I am willing to go. I am such a wool yarn kind of girl!

Here's hoping the nice weather holds for tomorrow - it's the St. Paul Classic Bike Tour - and Oldest Daughter and I are skipping church to cycle the city. If it starts to rain, I'm pretty sure that there will be some praying going on!

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Guinifer said...

Oh! You and Eldest received such a beautiful day for a bicycle tour!!!! What a blessing....I'm checking out some of the new Knitpicks wooden needles, they're supposed to be pretty sharp and I'm guessing they'll come in some larger sizes.