Thursday, September 06, 2007

Birthday noises can be good


Tuesday was Youngest Daughter's birthday and this photo shows off two of her birthday surprises - a manicure and an ipod. She also got some sewing related gifts as well - sewing is her latest craft passion - so she can turn out lots more of these . .

I'm not so "doll oriented" of a sewer as she is (I do curtains and clothing) but she's made quite a collection. Her aim is to get good enough so she can sell her dolls and buy - guess what? - a doll. A Super Dollfie from Volks.

I was able to use some unexpected knitting time today to finish my Flower Basket Shawl. I couldn't wait to block it before I took the photo so I used a nearby schoolgirl to model it for me. I'll get better, blocked photos later this week. That's my spinning wheel on top of the television cabinet - it looks funny there but it keeps it away from the dog!


Guinifer said...

Wow! How long is that young one going to be saving for that doll - I checked out the US website. Yikes. I LOVE dolls (I collected Madame Alexanders as a kid), I just love dolls. THOSE are gorgeous dolls. Wow, the detail.

Lorraine said...

Isn't it gratifying to watch our kids follow our crafty footsteps?

LOVE the shawl. I remember you had it at Shepherd's Harvest and the yarn was lovely. Can hardly wait to see it blocked!