Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Back to School" for me!

Not too long ago, I picked up the "Fitted Knits" by Stefanie Japel because I had "favorited" quite a few of her designs on the web and on Ravelry. I even bought the yarn just in case I fought my way through some of the remaining "on needle" projects in my bag. Well, I gave up on the other projects. The pink sock sucks. It just looks bad and I think I might rip it back to above the gusset - that's where it's gone spectacularly wrong. Not just ugly but wrong! The bag - eh, it gets knit a few lines here and a few lines there. I might even break down and buy the really large Options needles for that project. The current needles are so blunt that it's like knitting with sausages. Brats, even.

So, I gave up and began the "Back to School" vest. Just a few rows into it and it is so soothing. Not dull or boring - just easy and NOT WRONG.

I spent a little time today with a recent Netflix choice - "Venus" with Peter O'Toole. His character is refered to in the past tense as in "He was a gorgeous man!" and yet, in a bony sort of way, he stll is. Now, it's the kind of good looking that looks better clothed but . . . most of us fit in that category! A good knitting movie.


Guinifer said...

I was really happy with how my Leafy Cardigan turned out, there are a few other sweaters in there I'd like to tackle as well. I really like her design sensibility.

Lorraine said...

I hate blunt needles. I disliked Addi Turbos for a long time but have fallen in love with their new pointy lace needles.

I'm really wanting some more Options, too. They rock!