Friday, September 07, 2007

Hallelujah, I'm done!

It won't be ready to wear for a little while and it isn't perfect - but I like it! I am going to have to sneak some peaks at similar shawls on Ravelry to see how mine measures up.

I didn't mention this the other day but my "unexpected knitting time" was the result of Youngest Child's first visit to the emergency room. He woke up at 4 a.m. with an incredibly stiff neck and was just miserable. So, while I was driving the other children to school, Mr. Daisy drove Youngest Child into the emergency room.

It turned out to be just a strained muscle in his neck but he was not a happy boy! Especially because he missed the first day of school. But, he is fine now and we have heard about a virus/cold? going around that includes a sore neck.

I just hope I don't need any more trips to the ER in order to finish the Poor Pink Socks!


Guinifer said...

That happened to my oldest once when he was just a little guy - grade school. The doctor said it used to be called rye or wrye neck? Often blamed on sleeping next to an open window. Seriously, my little guy was so pathetic I had to put him in a wheelchair because he wouldn't walk. Don't ask me if I laughed at him (I did).

Knittymama said...

Beautiful shawl!

So glad to hear the little guy is okay.