Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ignore the wrinkles - it wore beautifully!

I had the Flower Basket Shawl all stretched and beautiful and ready to photograph . . . but I had to go to a party. A surprise 40th birthday party for a friend on a cool fall night - I needed that shawl! Luckily, it went great with a brown long sleeved shirt - the brown flecks in the blue yarn were a perfect match. So, the official Shawl Photo is draped on the wall - framed a little crookedly - and wrinkled. But I enjoyed it!

Team Lurid Yellow had to bail out of the Saint Paul Bike Classic on Sunday - with a crash. Oldest Daughter wiped out at about the 3/4 mark - pretty much the farthest point from the Start/Finish line - and since her scrapes were pretty uncomfortable, we rode the sag wagon back to the Ramsey Hill rest stop and visited the nurse. Her tights, jackets and gloves kept her from the worst but she has a pretty big owie on her knee as well as a few other scrapes. Next year, we are having lessons in crashing (keep your arms and knees in tight, hands on handlebars and let your thighs and arms take the brunt) as well as listening to your mother - "Slow down going around that corner, dear!"

Knitting wise - I went all Yarn Harlot and cast on for a Back to School U-neck Vest in Cascade 220 in a heathered purple. This pattern from Stefanie Japel's "Fitted Knits" just called to me from Ravelry - so I broke down and bought the book and the yarn. I'm also thinking of the Cozy V-Neck Pullover."


Guinifer said...

I think listening to mother should be number one on that list!

I really love Stefanie's book and I think there are several items going onto my Ravelry queue.

Wendy said...

That Ravelry is so ridiculously enabling!

The shawl looks great!


Lorraine said...

Road rash is the pits. Hurts for days and days, for some reason. Glad nothing was broken, though. I've had some nasty spills where I wondered why I didn't break something.

I'm still waiting for my Ravelry invite (sniff).