Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just a little something - something

So, today I finally finished the stem on my Giant Felted Mistake of a Pumpkin. The sad part was that I had to beg Good Friend Melissa to give me her left-over bits of green yarn as I didn't have any. She (Also known as "Muy Great Stasher of Cascade 220") had the tab/butt ends of three different green yarns on hand and I used Knit Picks Yarn of the Andes in Evergreen. Now, I just need to knit the leaves and twirly vine (I need to get out some different needles) and I'll be done.

Unfortuntely, I don't have a top loading washing machine any more so I'll have to visit my local laundremat to get it felted.

Tonight, I took the Lousy Pink Sock to the MN Knitters' Guild meeting. It got a little air before I was lost in the Maggie Jackson designs shown in the fall fashion show. My sister (the one with the baggy 1824 seater) has expressed interest in "a little something" for her cold shoulders and I think the Maggi Knits might just have the answer.

And I bought "Romantic Knits" by Annie Modesitt. I think they might be a little too young for me but I expect to change my mind after some bedtime reading.

Oh and Sunday's results?

Bib number: 509
age: 42
gender: F
location: Saint Paul, MN
overall place: 350 out of 400
division place: 20 out of 25
gender place: 161 out of 197
time: 1:43:40
swim: 17:33
trn1: 3:42
bike: 46:15
trn2: 2:16
run: 33:56

So I ran faster but biked slower. Hopefully, I beat the 80 yr. old man. He's the Twin Cities triathlon standby - anouncers like to mention him when he's racing. Unfortunately, once, I came in right behind him. Now, we are in waves and I probably started after him BUT . . . I can only hope he doesn't knit socks.


Lorraine said...

Hey, you can always beat this armchair triathlete. The furthest I got was dreaming about it.

My fastest 5K run was in the 40 minute range, and that was without swimming and biking first. WTG!

Lisa said...

a triatholon? as in three workouts... in one day? you got to be kidding me! I could never! When I say I'm exercising I mean I do like 25-30 minutes of running, roller blading or biking around the park. I have alot of respect for people who can do those things (heck my 40+ aunt ran two marathons just to say she did it) and that's great but like I told my aunt, I don't have time for training (I need it for knitting) and I don't have to prove anything to myself (I am quite aware that I couldn't finish in 6 hours and I've accepted that). But here's to all you runners!