Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sister Scores Big Time!

So, Oldest Daughter was at work recently and began discussing knitting with a co-worker. This older women mentioned that she was going to be moving and needed to get rid of her spinning wheel. Well, yesterday Oldest Daughter came home with the spinning wheel, an Ashford Single Drive Traditional wheel, and a big box of spindles, accessories and dyes. All for $50 cash!

She needs to get things adjusted and spend a little time restringing the wheel but then, she's good to go. What good fortune!

And, now I don't need to share my spinning wheel!

On the knitting front - I am still finishing up the Giant Pumpkin. This is moving from a "Fave" to an "Ugh" as they call it on Ravelry.


Guinifer said...

I like the peeking face of that little "pumpkin" in the bottom photo!

Wendy said...

Sweet! So much better than finding a lucky penny or a four leaf clover!


Lorraine said...

I'm positively green with envy! What a awesome bargain to score.