Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lovely Lupine and her seven little leftovers.

There is only so much I can do with alliteration but I try.

First off is a glimpse of my lovely lupine lace socks. I've had to reknit a few times because, while the pattern is easy to memorize, the non-pattern rounds are easy to lose track of. As I have numerous times! I finally bought the Lace Triangles book by Evelyn A. Clark and I think I am going to use it for some Christmas presents. Or, possibly, Mother's Day presents! Just give me time . . .

Secondly, the Seven Little Leftovers are from the closets of my teenaged daughters. Luckily (or unluckily) for me, Youngest Daughter needed some dress clothes for church and school so we went shopping today. Three stressful hours later, success at last. That means, out with the old. four tee-shirts, one pair of sports shorts, a hideous hoodie and one too-short plaid skirt. Shh, don't tell her about the skirt!


Guinifer said...

Your Lupine's look pretty intricate, and a great color too. My boys are taking care of the closet cleanouts on their own these days, seriously, one grew an inch since August and the other grew two inches....they are practically throwing their outgrown stuff at my head when I'm asking them if they having anything they can't wear anymore.

Lorraine said...

(giggle) My daughters keep catching me tossing their "loved not wisely but too well" clothing items. Better keep the skirt on the down low, just to avoid some fireworks.