Sunday, October 07, 2007

MKG Knit Out 2007: An insider's view!

Today's Knit Out seemed to go without a hitch - tons of people, lots of teachers, a Mountain of Yarn and lots of fun. One of my jobs was to "pre-cast on" needles for the teachers to use and we ended giving away all the yarn and the extra needles. Not all went to beginning knitters - many charitable knitters picked up supplies for their groups - but we gave away 150 sets of needles, 400 skeins of yarn and 266 people signed up for door prizes. And my feet hurt at the end!

Both Good Friend Melissa and I helped out with the fashion shows - she is wearing a lovely "picture" sweater - but my modeling shots just didn't turn out.

My green Kiri Shawl made another appearance - the model is a knitter from the Yarn Garage and her shawls put mine to shame! She did the Mystery Stole #3 and it was gorgeous.

After I got home and had a bite of dinner and a nap, I worked a few rows on my Vest. I think I'm wearing it too high here but as I have no shoulder straps, I couldn't really place it correctly. It better get cooler soon - it was 80 degrees F. and horribly muggy outside.


aj said...

Hi! I'm *so* glad to see someone blogged about this!

I'm the knitter in the photo modeling your gorgeous Kiri Shawl. :) I loved that! You did a beautiful job on it. What yarn was it made out of? I know the MC said, but I was so nervous modeling every time I was up there I didn't hear when he said it.

It was a fun day and my feet hurt at the end of the day, too! ;)

PS - thanks for what you said about my lace! (But mine don't put yours to shame - that Kiri is stunning!)

Lorraine said...

I so would have loved to be there. I'm long for the day when I get an extra driver or two in house and will be freed up to join up!

Looks like a huge success, even without little ol' me.