Saturday, December 08, 2007

Already stolen by the big sister . . .

I finished the Center Square cap the other day and Youngest Child promptly wore it sledding. Tonight, however, Oldest Child snarfed it and promptly stretched it all out. Back to the blocking board. I was afraid I would run out of the contrast color (the gold) so I did the top in stripes rather than a sold contrast color.

Since we are getting ready to go to warmer climates, we had to make a holiday shopping trip for swim suits today. There is nothing worse than buying swimsuits with teens. And I mean that! When I was checking out Middle Child's shorts and teeshirt situation, I was able to pry out of her drawers the following Saturday Seven: a pair of pajama pants, a pair of shorts, an unfortunate polo shirt choice, two never worn cute (or so I thought!) teeshirts and two swimsuits. And she never even noticed!


Guinifer said...

Yea - we get to shop for swimsuits when the "cruisewear" comes out. I swear that adds 150% to the price of the suits.

Lorraine said...

Oh I am so envious of the trips to warm climates. We're stuck in the throes of the hockey season and get exactly 2 days off at Christmas!

Winter travel? Only to tournaments. Meh!