Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ready for a relaxing holiday break - Really!

I am winding down the blog for a short holiday break. We are traveling to warmer climates for a week and I have a million things to do before we go.

This weekend's Saturday Seven is only partially represented here. My church has a "Mitten Tree" started by the woman who taught me to knit. I made four pairs of mittens for pick up this week. I am hoping to make three more pairs for the Marvelous Mitten makers, the charity project for the Minnesota Knitters Guild. They are easy but I have to have my sewing machine out to get things accomplished. And they are truly a "give-a-way" because I have had this fleece for at least four years.

For a quick look at the Center Square hat in action, Youngest Child and Dear Husband went sledding yesterday. No injuries reported (this time!)

Now, back to deciding what knitting items to bring along . . . shawl? Hats? Baby sweater? Socks?

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Guinifer said...

I like socks and sweaters with long stretches of stockinette for travel. I always get so much done...