Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Seven Rides again!

Just seven of the oh, about 20 items we weeded out of Oldest Daughters closet this afternoon.

Two tan skirts, a broomstick pleated "hippie" skirt, a pair of orange corduroy pants, a velvet shirt, a long sleeved red tee and a black and white sports jacket that she swore she had lost.

Along the way, she had a much needed lesson on how to hang up dress pants and why expensive new blazers should be hung on hangers and not on pegs on the door. I did NOT yell but I may tomorrow when I ask her to sort out her drawers. See what happens when vacations drag on too long?!

Knitting wise, I am toddling along on the EAC Go With the Flow socks. I think the yarn is Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in something like Autumn, possibly Indian Summer. For some reason, I just love the way her mind works. Once you dive into the pattern, they are very easy to continue with. I may even revisit some patterns of hers in the next year . . .


Guinifer said...

Hah! I think everyone should have a pair of orange corduroys! Also - tell her when those properly hung dress pants become dusty? Time to become part of the Saturday Seven!

Lorraine said...

Joining the Saturday Seven group would really help things at this house. When all the laundry is caught up, there are baskets of extra clean clothes in everyone's room. Where to start, though.