Wednesday, January 23, 2008

C'est magnifique!

And it was taking up all my time. This is what's been eating up all my evening knitting time. We usually pull out puzzles at Christmas time at our house and we received this one as a gift. So, it was out on the puzzle table after the holidays and man, what a time sink! The actual puzzle was easy but the putting it up was one small adjustment at a time. I'd look up and the whole evening would be gone. Zut, zut et zut! Luckily, Oldest Daughter's friends came over for a movie party on Monday and helped finish it off.

I've been outside the Eiffel Tower but never on and this is as close as Youngest Child will be for some years. His "helping" also slowed things down a bit but he enjoyed the work and was pretty patient about the whole thing.

I also had another rip session with the gusset of the second GWTF sock. I've figured out that a) this mysterious looseness has to to with how I pick up the stitches for the gusset and b) if I want the instep pattern to be centered (that is, begin and end with the double purl portion of the pattern), I have to re-jigger the spot where I begin the heel flap. As I am not going back to redo the heel flap, I ended up picking up a different number of gusset stitches on each side. So, that is another mark against this pair of socks ever making it to the state fair. It is a learning experience for the pair I will someday knit for me, however!

I was aiming for the lovely gusset but my up-close photography skills leave something to be desired. Blogger is acting up a bit right now so I think I better post what I've got and leave perfection well enough alone.

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Lorraine said...

I haven't entered anything in the fair since grade school. It was not pretty and I've been fair-shy ever since. You'll make it, though. The way socks are flying off the needles, one of these days, that pesky pick up will be mastered to perfection.