Saturday, January 19, 2008

Down, down it goes

Knitting is what I want to do today. Knitting is not what I got to do today. My daughters' school has an Oldies Dance coming up and I had to to take some of them out to look for costumes. Despite the high of, oh, 6 degrees F., we went from place to place and finally ended up with a Seventies outfit and and a 1950s outfit. One daughter would make a lovely bank teller or elementary school teacher in about 1970 and the other should make a nice Society matron, hat and all. I still have cold feet! I also picked up a copy of "Bend the Rules Sewing." It has some very cute patterns for baby items that I am going to attempt for Up-and-coming Baby Sven.

Knitting-wise, I'm working on the second of the "Go with the Flow" socks. It is so soothing now that I've memorized the leg pattern. My first sock turned out well - so nice that I was depressed to find one set of loose stitches on the gusset. One side is lovely - one just two stitches off. There goes the State Fair entry! Hopefully, blocking the sock will make it less noticeable. That's what Elizabeth Zimmerman calls "ein Schönheitsfehler," or a beauty flaw.

As for the Saturday Seven, things were just falling into my lap. One pair of jeans in a finish which I never liked, an outgrown pair of shorts for Youngest Child, two vases that came with Oldest Daughter's spinning gear, an old paper towel holder and a toothbrush head kit for the wrong toothbrush. Sometimes, getting rid of things is easy. I'm not ready to pack up and move any time soon (Carol told me that was her goal for sorting things - to get rid of enough things that she could pack up and move with only a week's notice!) but we are whittling things down. Off they go to St. John the Evangelist!


Lorraine said...

brrrr - way to cold for shopping trips right now.

Bummer about the loose stitches. Here's to hoping blocking solves all the world's woes!

Guinifer said...

The yarn is so pretty - that'll help with the hiding.