Saturday, January 05, 2008

NOT my problem!

One of my Christmas presents is a mug with this picture all over it. Youngest Child drew it and said it was a picture of "Mom yelling." DH oh-so-wittily labeled it, "Mother."

I deny this. Absolutely. I am possibly the most laid back of my sisters (Does anyone who know us deny this?) but somehow, I get labeled as a yeller.

Yesterday, I think I proved this when two daughters' afternoon activities involved bringing home separate groups of friends afterwards (not something I had much foreknowledge of) and I managed to get everything cleaned up and provide some sort of food. And two of the friends were vegetarians and one was also on a gluten free diet. Considering the state of the fridge when everyone trooped in, I think I was the picture of calm.

And, despite the Writers' Strike, I still managed to find some TV to watch while knitting. I highly recommend Dogtown on the National Geographic Channel. This was very interesting but very sad at the same time. Good to knit to. I am almost finished with the first "Go with the Flow" sock. I am really loving that!

The Saturday Seven? I sorted out my workout drawer and found four teeshirts, two pairs of sweat pants and a pair of knickers - the knee length workout pants, not the undies. Knickers?!! What was I thinking? Off to a rummage sale.

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Lorraine said...

Moms - yelling?!? NOooo! Can't happen. We're perfect, right????

I'm looking forward to the sock photo. I'm on the hunt for new patterns. Mwahahaha!