Saturday, January 12, 2008

Visiting the Frog Pond with Julia

Aak! I don't know why but I am someone creating extra stitches in my Paws to Remember scarf. Now I am ripping it back once again. I haven't had this problem before so I hoping to get some help from the people at Fiber Trends before I rip my hair out!

The Saturday Seven was much easier. Youngest Child must be growing again because I found four tee shirts, two pairs of pants and a pair of shorts that are all much too tight. I was a bit concerned because everyone else's wardrobe is well and truly pruned.

Today, we finally put away the Christmas decorations and the sunny weather really put me in mind of spring. It's still cold and snowy but . . . warm weather awaits. One podcast I listened to this week listed the number of weeks until Christmas - this year!

One of our last Christmas presents was a cooking class today at Cooks of Crocus Hill - Mastering French Cooking: Soups and Stews. My book group has read several of Julia Child's books and I bought her videos for DH as a gift some time ago. The chef, Van Keszler, ran us through the process of making five soups/stews and we got to chow down on the results. The best one was Potage Veloute aux Champignons (cream of mushroom soup.) I haven't had anything as good for a long time! I thought you might like to take a look at The Julia in action. (Even if she's goofing around!)


Guinifer said...

The knitting is kind of restless right now, isn't it?

Jen C said...

a friend of mine and I just signed up for our first class and it is taught by Chef Keszler. Sounds like you had a good experience.