Wednesday, January 23, 2008

. . . and I didn't have any wood handy.

I'm not sure my mother understands why I would want to write about knitting so that people I don't know can read it but . . . sometimes, you just get a little obsessed. My obsession is knitting. No one at my house wants to talk about knitting quite as much as I do but . . . there is always someone on the Internet who does.

I got this little gem from Knit Redplaid, a Canadian knitter with a great sense of humor.

In the meantime, I've been finishing my pair of Go with the Flow socks. When I went to weave in the ends (only at the cuff and the two), I found a loop of yarn inside the sock, running from one section to another but still completely skipping a section of pattern in between. All I can think of is that I ripped back a section and missed knitting in a line of stitches. But, it doesn't look wrong from the outside. Hmm. Well, I'll tack the loop down so it doesn't get caught by a toe and let it go at that.

I think my camera's flash is still affecting the color of these socks - they are really dark, jewel tones and just lovely. I just couldn't brave the cold temperatures to take a photo outside. Now, it's up to a balmy 17 degrees F.


Cathy said...

Hi Ellen,

Your mom may not understand your obsession with knitting, but she made sure I got your blog address when I was helping her translate the scarf pattern!


Lorraine said...

ROFLOL!!! Love the video!

Oh, and the socks. They are lovely.