Saturday, May 17, 2008

As Brenda Dayne says, "It's a death march of fun!"

Okay, not really that bad but we are just going from one activity to the next in our countdown to the end of school and Oldest Daughter's graduation.

This week? Senior Class Drama - "Arsenic and Old Lace" - another track meet and the final concert of the Minnesota Boys Choir.

Oldest Daughter's debut as "Mr. Winthrop," proprietor of the Happy Dale Sanatorium. I always knew she would be good working with people!

Or could it be that she was cast because she owned her own tombstones AND a canoe paddle? From our yard to theirs . . .

The Saturday Seven was both easy and space saving . . .

My old jogging stroller - no way Youngest Child is sitting for that anymore! It went over to the Huge Sale at St. John the Evangelist.

Youngest Child's train table. Freecycle alert!

A pair of roller skates, a lost-now-found pair of baby socks and pants, Jorge el Curioso (how we got this, I'll never know!) and a much loved pair of pajamas. All now found at the Huge Sale staging area!

As for knitting, I've been working on some knitted flowers for my Rosebud hat, a new pair of socks for me and the wristlets from my Yarnover class. I may get two out of three finished this weekend. Right now, it's nothing but Margaritas and curry flavored potato crisps for the rest of the evening . . .

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