Saturday, May 24, 2008

One fine day in May!

Not much was going on here this week except for the end of the year frenzy: Class parties, track meets and peace days made for a lot of extra driving and very little free time. I am on close, personal terms with my rolling weeding bench and my trowel, however! We're having a little extra yard work and house cleaning to get ready for Oldest Daughter's Big Day on June 7. I thought you might like a little glimpse of her many faces:

By the way, that was her starring role as Francis Marion, The Swamp Fox of the American Revolution.

On the knitting front, I've been working on my second set of bootees - the first turned out larger than I wanted so now I'm working on the infant size. I have also been working a few rows here and there of my Go with the Flow socks.

The Saturday Seven was easy - I was trying to move the winter clothes into storage and had to remove a few items. The red turtleneck and the loafers just never fit quite right, the tee shirts were all presents over the years and the red pajamas just never had the right kind of elastic - note to self, try these on before buying! Also, peach pink shorts are always a no-no. But, they are all in quite good shape and someone else will love them. Off to a rummage sale!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend as well - go see a parade on Monday!

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Guinifer said...

So - my Saturday Six has become the Memorial Day Six Garbage Bags! I get to put it out for the Vets next week! Woot!