Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cruising the streets

Okay, back home from the pre-Father's Day Festivities. We don't actually go to the Back to the 50’s Weekend Car Show in St. Paul but we do go cruising at it.

Yep, we pull out the Jasmine Yellow British TR6 (a 1969) and go out on the town. No hole shots for us - we just sip ice tea and wave politely.

My Saturday Seven was also chosen politely. Two small-ish backpacks I found when we cleaned out the garage today and five shirts I found when I cleaned out Youngest Daughter's drawers. It was a pretty polite clean out - I didn't really need to ask!

Enjoy the rest of Knit in Public Day - I knitted on the front porch and at a sandwich joint in Falcon Heights - and have a restful Father's Day on Sunday.

Ta Ta! (I must still be feeling British from our car ride!)

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Guinifer said...

We passed so many gorgeous cars on the way to the cabin on Friday. Glad to know I wasn't hallucinating.