Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lumpy but soft!

Last week I picked up some cute and very soft Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. Although I investigated several projects, I decided to go with the designs from "Color Splash Dish Cloths" - by my besty, Evelyn A Clark! I decided to make some chenille wash cloths as graduation presents.

Mauve, pink and green should give me a little wiggle room for those girls who don't like pastel-pretty colors.

I made the Dapper Dab (a silly name!) this time and I think the cotton chenille is working out great. It makes the "dish cloth" designs into something more suitable for "face cloths." I'm thinking the "Spot Free" or the "Soap 'em up" as the next project. I'm pretty sure I could have finished one in a day but I've been doing "back from college" laundry and taking the teens shopping. That growing thing is over-rated if you ask me!

A Cool Wednesday project I've been trying to get started - my printer is acting like an old lady who's lost her keys! - is the Buttercup Bag. This cool and free pattern from Made by Rae looks easy to make if I could just get my pattern printed. It's made from "fat quarters" of quilting fabric so I'm sure to have the fabric.

Buttercup Bag
Originally uploaded by Grandma G.

This is just one of the many Buttercup Bags listed on Flickr - all of them are cute!

My other Cool Wednesday is something to listen to. Mr. Daisy and I are big fans of the band Fountains of Wayne and band member Adam Schlesinger has a side project - a supergroup, if you will! - called Tinted Windows.

It has Taylor Hanson (the grown-up "cute" one from Hanson), James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins and Bun E. Carlos, the drummer from Cheap Trick. Let me tell you, it sounds like you should be cruising past the high school in about 1982. And in a good way! So, I'd recommend the album and point you to this:

Think of it as watching a Saturday Night music show, circa 1982. A very Cool Wednesday!

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Debra said...

The Buttercup bag is adorable! I might just have to borrow the ol' Singer and sew one myself! It does look like a great sock project bag.