Saturday, June 06, 2009

Graduating to big things

These three lovely girls will be graduating today and going on to higher education in elementary education, history, and psychology. Congrats to the very nice girls who met in seventh grade when they had lockers in alphabetical order. Thank goodness no-one was a "V!" I never managed to teach any of them to knit but besides that we're always happy to have them around.

Spring Formal 2009

Middle Daughter as one of the witches in Macbeth with Buddy #1.

Oldest Daughter and Middle Daughter on their way to Italy in 2008.

Today's Saturday Seven came about when I made Youngest Daughter clean out her closet. Three jackets, two long sleeved blouses and two dresses are all in a bag waiting for a trip to Saint John the Evangelist's Big Sale.

Now if the sun would only come out again, this would be a great day!

Don't forget - Next weekend is Worldwide Knit in Public Day!

Put it on your calendars now! There are at least five events in the Twin Cities so you will be able to find something close to home.


Tonyia said...

Gorgeous girls! Congrats! (At first I thought they wore formals to graduation - WOW.)

Guinifer said...

The girls are gorgeous!

Just imagine what this rain is doing for our lawns, flowers and lakes!

Knittymama said...

Congrats to those lovely young ladies!!