Saturday, June 13, 2009

Save the world - save the shoes.

Okay, I've misplaced my Saturday Seven photo. Six pairs of shoes and one shirt from Youngest Child!

The six pairs of shoes came from Youngest Daughter's closet when we cleaned them out - basically, she kept collecting cast off pairs of shoes from her sisters. Trouble is, she has oddly shaped feet so they never fit her. Despite that, she saves them. The shirt - well, YB just outgrew it.

So, just imagine this:

Don't forget the shirt -

A shirt just like the one Little Guy is wearing here!

Not much else going on today. We've been cleaning up after the party (According to the gang, meatballs are good for breakfast and for lunch!) and getting ready for my triathlon tomorrow morning. A little knitting on another face cloth as well.

Send some good wishes my way and I'll fill you in on Monday.

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