Saturday, October 24, 2009

From top to toe

Since finishing my Multnomah Shawl earlier this week, I've been on a slippery sock slope. I've ripped back my Gentleman's Socks in preparation for making Two at a time Socks (two socks on one long needle) only using the Gentleman Sock stitch pattern.

It's a complicated story but I just didn't like the heel from the original pattern and I knew I needed serious help to get both finished so . . . time to learn how to do two at a time. Actually the "two at a time from the toe up" sounded even better but I thought, "One step at a time, girl, one step!"

I bought this book, 2-at-a-Time Socks: Revealed Inside. . . The Secret of Knitting Two at Once on One Circular Needle Works for any Sock Pattern! by Melissa Morgan-Oakes, some time ago. I love all the patterns but I don't love how the initial pattern is shown worked in worsted weight yarn. I've no time to make socks that no one will wear. Just start me out on a plainer pattern but using real sock yarn and then I'll do just fine.

Because I jumped right into a pattern, it was a bit tricky to start. I couldn't believe that my sock would actually fit. I think that was because my needle was very new and straight out of the bag. Now that I've been using it a bit, it lies flat more easily and that's made all the difference.

For my practice pair, I am making the Sugar Maple pattern out of Mountain Colors' Bearfoot in the Firestorm colorway. For me.

As of Wednesday, this is how far I'd gotten. I've found that carrying the yarn from individual bags - both on one side of my lap - has kept me from getting too tangled. I've been watching old science fiction series online and the knitting is actually going pretty fast. As my needle cable has loosened up so has my knitting and that is working out well. I'm working on the Yarn Harlot's "Inch at a Time" plan of sock knitting. Every time I pick up the socks, I'm determined to get in an inch of knitting.

I think this spiral bound book is easy to handle and I already have my eye on a few other patterns such as the Classic Sock or the Sailor's Delight. By the way, Knittymama is collecting craft book reviews for a contest over at her blog so you might want to skip on over there for some other good pattern ideas.

This week was the Minnesota Knitters' Guild's Fall Yarn preview meeting. That's where we have yarn shops come and talk about the trends and patterns new for fall (this time the shops were Coldwater Collaborative and Lila & Claudines) but all this yarn exposure comes at a price. $$$!

I picked up a pattern and some lovely Araucania Panguipulli for a shrug for a birthday present. The pattern is very simple and if I'd used the yarn called for, quite inexpensive. But the Araucania Panguipulli called to me. It's a mix of blues, browns and Burgundies - very usable!

Since Friday was a day off school for Youngest Child - AND a snow day to boot! -

I made delicious oatmeal raisin cookies. The best so far - straight out of The New Best Recipe Cookbook from Cook's Illustrated. Love those guys!

Today being Saturday and all - time to clean out my own closet. A jean jumper, a turtleneck, jeans, three teeshirts, and a polo shirt. Farewell!

Now, time enough to find my knitting bag and get in an inch of knitting!


Knittymama said...

Great review, thanks!!

I'll need to check that one out.

Lorraine said...

I love the 2 socks at a time process. Keep us posted on your thoughts.

Those cookies look delectable. Guess I'll have to learn to cook one of these days.

Keep inching along.