Saturday, October 10, 2009

Giving it away, Saturday by Saturday

The latest edition of the Twin Cities St. Paul Angie's List Magazine is headlined "You can't take it with you: Where will your stuff be laid to rest?"

While this month's edition is mostly concerned with appraisers and home cleaners - it also goes the extra mile and discusses how families often have to clean out their deceased loved elders' homes and who actually cleans up if someone's body isn't found for a long while. That one would be "bio hazard remediation." Ick.

Now, I've been working on the (Saturday) Seven Things Project for quite some time - I started way back in August 2006 after I found Earthchickknits' Seven Things Project. She really touched on the what I hated about throwing things out - they were perfectly fine things but who would want them?

So, 160 weeks or so (I didn't actually go count but I think I've been pretty faithful getting rid of stuff even if they turn into Tuesday Sevens instead of Saturday Sevens!) times 7 equals 1,120 items that:

a) went to some one who needs them
b) often raised money for good causes because I donated them to groups that sell the items via rummage sales
c) didn't end up in the trash.

Now, some of those items are pretty small (anyone remember the toddler underwear?) but some things were big (a television and a couch) and no one but me had to figure out what to do with them.

Dear Mr. Daisy has asked me if my children will have anything to remember their childhoods with and the answer is, "Of course."

I save important papers, favorite items that show up in a lot of photos (blankies!) and toys/books/dolls they loved. The other clothings, toys, books move on to be loved by other children.

The Seven Things Project made me recognize that, while I would never have the time or interest in scrap booking all my old photos, I certainly could find a way to box them up year by year. That was one fun project!

We always shred papers that might cause banking/personal problems later on but I think I'll be culling the financial records again this winter.

And (because this is knitting blog!) I also take a hard look at my yarn stash once a year. The Minnesota Knitters' Guild has a silent auction at its holiday party every year (December 15th this year!) and the money raised goes to fund the MKG Service Committee. That always gives me an out for yarn and fiber that need a good home!

So, while I am hope that our ends will be far, far in the future - I really recommend you all take a look at what surrounds you and think long and hard about where and when you would want this organized! I am kind of looking forward to helping the Three Dear Daughters set up their first apartments some day. Kitchen table and chairs - begone! Spare bedframe from the attic - vamose! Sporting equipment - fly! What is really funny is when Mr. Daisy pulls something out of the cupboard and say, "Oh that came from my parents' house." Twenty five years ago!

This week's Saturday Seven is not from 25 years ago and it is pretty small - both in size and weight. Two pairs of Youngest Child's shorts, a polo shirt and four pairs of pajamas and on their way to St. John the Evangelist's Big Sale


Knittymama said...

So glad you've been keeping up with this! I've been doing the same thing but in bigger hunks. What a load I've put together this weekend, all going to the church down the road for their rummage sale. And what a load off my back too. I watch my neighbors take four years to clean all the junk out of their house to get ready to move and realized that could not be me!

Ellen said...

There is some children's book with the refrain, "No, no, no." I do not want to be the person whose children need to get a dumpster for. And i certainly don't want any "bio-hazard remediation" around here either.

twinsetellen said...

Cool idea and congratulations on how well you've done. My version is to say yes nearly every time an organization calls to see if I have any discards to donate when their van is in the neighborhood.