Monday, January 11, 2010

Finding the sweet spot

Well, I never did tell you when I would be back in 2010, did I?

Since we last met, I've been knitting up a Wee Balaclava for Youngest Child. I used some handspun which I dyed way back in May 2006 when I was making a scarf of many colors for Shepherd's Harvest.

I used the green Border Leicester that was left over from this:

Luckily, Mr. Youngest Child asked for a roomy one!

"Just like a ninja!" he said.

I also threw myself fully into the weaving world using my Christmas Rigid Heddle Loom and instructional books. Looks like some people want woven birthday presents!

GF Melissa helped me warp the loom and since I didn't want to run out - we just warped and warped our way through 2 skeins of green Cascade 220. The weft (the red) was a skein of Blackberry Ridge fuzzy mohair. As Mr. Daisy is 6'4", this is my new holiday table runner. I'm setting up today for another scarf - I really want to figure out the plaid format!
Part of the weaving fun is choosing the yarn - I opened up all my yarn stash boxes (okay - four boxes is not that bad!) and sorted the stash. And sorted. I don't really have a lot but I really have a lot of "project" stash. You know - that's for the blue sweater or the bohus cap or Kate's vest. I've got to start working through some of these projects!
In honor of the new year and a new determination to use up my stash, I cast on with this Blackberry Hills Farm Blend. Alpaca, silk and wool and I'm using it on Ruth's Shawl (a Ravelry link) from Blue Lace Designs.

My only regret is that this is a pattern where you cast on all the stitches first and work your way back to zero. Not so fun.

I must admit that I've been going through a lethargic fall-into-winter. Between the cold weather and my several colds, I been thinking about a nap since September.

In this New Year, my aim is to get back into the sweet spot of exercising, knitting and blogging. That may mean new knitting projects (not just finishing up the hibernating ones!) and some new exercise options. Bike riding, anyone?
As for the blogging, I think I enjoy writing for myself better than trying to attract new readers. Most of the things I really enjoy - reading, knitting, swimming, etc. are truly solitary pursuits so when I spent a little time working on readership and it didn't work - it just made me even more tired.

In light of this, I may try that failed blog contest from the fall again in the spring - probably trying it into the Minnesota Knitters' Guild's Yarn Over in April or Shepherd's Harvest in May. Those are occasions when knitters and spinners get together so it might be easier to get readers' attentions at that time.

So, for January 2010- I recommend reviewing your stash (it may be bigger than you expected), your knitting skills (step up the projects!), your exercise program (let's get ready for bike riding season!) and your blogging habits (write when you are interested but don't worry if anyone responds.)

As Elizabeth Zimmermann said, "Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises."

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Ladybug Crossing said...

You are so incredibly talented!! I'm so impressed with your knitting and weaving and bike riding and swimming...
Some day I will learn how to knit correctly... I need instant gratification and my knitting skills are so elementary that it takes weeks to see any progress...