Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not making years like they used to

Or making weeks! Things have been flying by here at Chez Daisy - knitting, weaving, school projects, birthdays . . .  on and on.

My title came from a quote by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It was used in a newsletter from Schoolhouse Press - according to her daughter Meg Swanson. According to her, EZ used to say "They aren't making years the way they used to." And I think it may be true.

One thing that did brighten up 2009 and, now, 2010 is my new Beka Rigid Heddle Loom. And my mystery project was . . .


I made the Variegated Yarn Scarf from "Weaving made Easy" by Liz Gipson as a holiday gift from GFMelissa. Lucky I was so far behind on the gifting that I was able to utilize my Christmas loom.

Today's Saturday Seven is a simple set of books - I finally cleaned out the car diaper bag. Yeah, Youngest Child is six so I'm pretty sure I don't need one of those again.

I'm going to donate them to my church's youth activity bags.

Back to planning the New Year! I did the math today and I finished 18 projects this past year. I still have four outstanding projects (Mr. Daisy's Classic Sock,  the Encore Worsted 1662 Ladies Shrug, the River Grass Gansey and the Road Not Taken scarf) to finish up and three leftover projects (Saartje's Bootees, the Back to School Vest and the Interlocking Balloons scarf) which I have to decide whether to "fish or  cut bait" on. And, of course, the blue sweater remake. My sister emailed me to ask when it was going to arrive!

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