Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nothing to wear here - only to eat*

Today isn't about knitting at all - just good things to eat.

That's my mother and grandmother up there. Most people don't know I am of Italian heritage. My last name is German and my maiden name was English.  I don't look very Italian (blonde/brunette, blue eyes) and my children don't either (except for Youngest Daughter - but even she has blue eyes) so there aren't any visual clues to go by.  Influenced by GFMelissa, we even like to play at being Swedish when we pull out the Santa Lucia day costumes.

Despite that, I have the proof. Tasty proof. Pizelles. My Nana used to make these crispy anise-flavored wafer cookies and send them back with us when we visited. She didn't make very much Italian food - she wanted to be an American! - but she did make these for holidays.

Youngest Child had "Family Tradition Day" at school so we pulled out the family pizzelle iron and went to work. I think my mother has an electric pizzelle iron now and I know why. Lots of standing up at the stove top! YC did help me mix them, though.

But I had to do the actual hot iron cooking.

Youngest Daughter helped me peel the cookies out the iron - let's just say the first few were "testers."

We didn't really get going until Irish/German Mr. Daisy stepped in and started cranking  them out. He was the BMW of pizzelle production.

Since we were sending them to school, we only got to taste the broken ones. And they were yummy!
Today I'm making the less traditional Chocolate Pizzelles. Maybe I'll get a few as a reward?

*This refers to my Oldest Sister (so very, very old!) who asked what I did with all the knitted stuff I make. She thought we all went around bundled up in scarves, hats, mittens and sweaters. I give it away, of course! Except for my small problem with shawls. Those I keep!


Knittymama said...

Dang, you have no idea how yummy those look right now!

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