Monday, January 18, 2010

So you thought I forgot, eh?

Saturday came and went but the photo remains forever. This week's Saturday Seven was all mine: a pair of khakis, a cardigan, three bags, a skirt and a vest.

I really put off this posting because I was hoping to get a picture of the Ruth's Shawl pattern that I'm knitting. Alas, since you start with the full number of stitches, all I have is a few squiggles of lace to show. Lovely and soft but tiny compared to the whole project. I'm thinking it's not the most exciting photo.
Theoretically, January is being labeled "Selfish Knitting Month" but I'm not all that excited about the shawl. I'm thinking of moving back to the The Classic Socks. When even that slow moving project seems interesting, I know I'm in a project slump!


Anonymous said...
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Knittymama said...

I'm doing selfish knitting this month too!