Sunday, April 11, 2010

Round the bend

Very little knitting has been going on this week and what there was, was pretty boring. Round and round - knit row, purl row. But I'm on the sleeves now and, miracle of miracle, this seems to fit! 

I love the cross over front - I was a little worried about picking up so many stitches in such a visible spot.  There are a few iffy parts but, luckily, they are on the underside flap. I'd like to have a more definitive guide to how to pick up stitches, though.

The left side is good - the right side, a bit wonky. Maybe when I block it with steam?

On the weaving front, I've been working on a new pattern. It's not very fancy - a 3/1 window pane pattern - but I like the change from plain weave.

More on this when it's actually a complete towel.

This week's Saturday Seven was a mixed "bag." Hmm, puns. Anyway, a bag, two books, two pairs of winter gloves, a hat and a sweater. Must be spring cleaning . . .
Now it's time to get my bike out and play!

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