Saturday, April 03, 2010

Almost feels like Easter

Youngest Child had a particularly great day today, playing outside and helping Dad work on his "club house." Think tree house only minus the tree. 
After dinner we played some raucous hands of Dutch Blitz and then went out to Konnie's Kones. Ah, bliss. 
But for Youngest Child, coloring the Easter Eggs and putting out our Easter baskets was the best part. 
He talked about which colors to dye the eggs, who got what basket and what color their Easter basket grass would be. 
Somehow, we've lost two baskets so Mr. Daisy and I opted for bowls. 
We talked about whether it was a real bunny or not (he voted for a real one!) and then, at bedtime, we read some stories about how using your imagination can  help you to see things in the real world 

(The "Seven Year Old Wonder Book" - still a great set of stories. Ours is inscribed "To (Oldest Daughter) on her 7th birthday. Happy Reading! Love, Mom and Dad." She is 20 now and still loves reading.We read through this book with each of the girls and they each loved a different part of it.)

The best thing for me was coming downstairs and finding Mr. Daisy completely absorbed in making pies for tomorrow. He found as much joy in that as Youngest Child found in arranging the Easter baskets. Ah, bliss.

Today's Saturday Seven was from my own closet and the Youngest Child's as well. Two pairs of shoes that I liked but never wore because they hurt my feet. The mattress pad, pair of pajamas and three pairs of socks came from YC. It's amazing what we keep around sometimes. 

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