Saturday, April 24, 2010

The week I develop a social life

So, after a long dry spell of knit, knit, knitting - last week I had a social life. Monday - book club. Tuesday - opera. (I was supposed to go hear Franklin Habit speak at the Minnesota Knitters' Guild but the opera tickets were too hard to change. Sob.) Wednesday - swimming. Thursday - meeting at school. Friday - church group meeting at my house. Tonight - friends coming over to play Dutch Blitz. (Yes, I know that sounds like a drinking game but it's not. At least not yet.)

In the midst of all this fun and frivolity, I realized I never really showed how the Neck Down Wrap Cardigan turned out. I finished it the night before Yarnover last week and wore it to the event. 

It is warm and very comfortable - my only concern is how to stop from snagging the sweater when I brush my hair. I think I've done it six times so far - just running a brush through my hair but continuing over to my shoulder and snagging the yarn. 

The side ties are okay - very easy to use but I'm wondering, "What to do with them if I want to wear the sweater open?"

I like the waist definition the tie belt gives - just not so crazy about my options.
I have been wearing it around the house quite a bit - I even wore it to a meeting last night when I wasn't sure it went with my check pants - so I think it's a successful sweater!

I didn't buy any yarn at Yarnover - shocked, aren't you? - although I did buy some buttons, some great cedar soap and a pattern.

The new/old Elizabeth Zimmerman Green Sweater. Perhaps this Aisha Cecilia yarn "Vivian?" Or perhaps this 

Lana Grossa Royal Tweed? Decisions, decisions. 

This Saturday Seven was no decision whatsoever. Sweaters, teeshirts, boy clothes and a pencil case. Off to the Huge Sale collection at St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church  in Saint Paul. (It's next Saturday, May 1, from  9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. - I believe there is a special "Things from Humbledaisy" section!")

Now, back to pondering that yarn . . . 


Knittymama said...

Your sweater turned out great! It was fun bumping into you at yarnover. Too bad you missed Franklin on Tues but hey, opera's great too!

Lorraine said...

Wow, that is so much prettier than the black one I made for Dancing Diva. I may have to try that pattern again for myself!