Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Walking Dead!

We had a neighborhood Halloween Party at our house today. 

It was a great day but I am exhausted.  Lots of Harry Potter themed fun - we played Quidditch! - and pretty healthy snacks but I am asleep on my feet now and looking for my pjs.

Since we had to clean out the garage for the party (it was the "Leaky Cauldon" where we served food), I decided to put my old wetsuit out to pasture. 

Too big for me - but maybe someone at a rummage sale will want it. A pair of pants, a set of sheets, a men's polo shirt, a boys teeshirt and a boy's fleece will also be magically whisked off the St. John's Rummage Sale as well. 

The Seventh Item? A duffle bag from the garage but it is getting washed right now. I think they were multiplying out there - you'll see more duffle bags next week!

To keep you in the holiday spirit - some of my favorite "undead" crochet designs come from La Fee Crochette. She is the author of Crobots: 20 Amigurumi Robots to Make which I highly recommend! 

Happy Halloween!

Zombie group
Originally uploaded by la fée crochette


Guinifer said...

Yea, right! Those duffle bags and sport bags are everywhere!

Cat said...

I went to a new knitting group last week and watched someone making little amigurumi robots - I think I'm going to have to make some! Zombies would go great with my Neurons, and DH is always talking about the Zombie invasions, so maybe I'll give him one for Xmas. :-)

Cat said...

Oh - and it just dawned on me that those little Zombies will be great cat toys. If I put a little nip into each one, they're sure to be kept scattered all over our house for years to come, bringing me constant giggles. Excellent!

Oh, and next time you have an HP party, make some beanbags that look like gnomes so you can throw them around (de-gnoming the garden). It's a very fun party game!