Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why isn't it Saturday?

I ran my blog through Wordle and this is what came up. I was really hoping the words "Finished Projects" would come up more often than "pirate" or "sale." As it is, I'm still working on the Mr. GreenJeans Sweater. 
I have achieved button band status and have even bought a button - but I decided to reknit one of the sleeves. 
The one I did with a broken hand did not match the one I did after the hand healed. I'm hoping to finish the cuff later today. And just in time to enjoy some of this fabulous fall weather we are having in Minnesota!
By the way, my Saturday Seven already left the house (ie. before Mr. Daisy could ask about them.) 

Six plant pots and one cooler. We are a house of many coolers and since I think we stole borrowed this one from a family member many years ago, I feel justified in passing it on to someone else.

 On to the cuff making!

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