Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Faire Day at the Fair!

We had a lovely visit to the Minnesota State Fair on Sunday - once again, I am amazed. Good food, great people watching, entertaining rides and really cool Creative Arts entries. As I slog along on Andy's Brown Sweater, I realized that I wouldn't have enough time to make an entry this year. I am . . . okay with that. I'd love to have entered something but only something well done.

Here's the gang - imagine DH as the photographer - at St. Bernard's Church Dining Hall. A Minnesota Tradition.

The good thing about getting to check out the Creative Arts efforts is that I didn't have to ride any spin-y things. I have zero tolerance for exciting rides anymore so I just let Youngest Child get all the glory. I embarrassed my older children this spring when I had to call my Middle Daughter on her cell phone and tell her to "Get over to the Spinning Teacups right now!" so she could take my place before the ride actually started. My three-year old made me sick just by spinning the wheel manually. Here's a snippet of me - just before getting violently ill - taken at our local Como Park Zoo.

And just in case you were wondering if I've been actually doing anything good for a body - I went swimming in the Saint Croix River at Kinnickinnic State Park in River Falls, Wisconsin on Tuesday evening. It was lovely - cool, uncrowded and not too strong of a current. We only did a mile swim but I was ready for bed by the time we got home. Tomorrow, it's biking again.

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Wendy said...

Those spinning cups can be deadly!