Thursday, August 24, 2006

Indigo Blue Day

I had a little extra time today so that I wound up what looked like a healthy skein of indigo dyed blue faced leicester and admired it for a while. Sad, isn't it? All that hard work and two and one-half balls of yarn. I had been perusing my copy of Interweave Press' Wrap Style by Pam Allen but there just isn't enough yarn. Rats.

It does seem to match the weather we are having today. It was opening day for the Minnesota State Fair and that means it usually is either 93 degrees F. or about 60 degrees F. Right now? 67 degrees F. and rainy. Welcome, Annie Modesitt! It's all for you, baby! I don't go to the fair until Sunday when the weather is supposed to be sunny and 72 degrees so I can't wait! We are serious about our State Fair here. It is worth more than one visit. And the knitting? Fabulous. I've submitted items for judging and while I earned 98 out of 100 points, I didn't even place! Not even a third place! Sad but good in a weird kind of way, to live in a place where knitting is taken so seriously.


QoE said...

It's nice to see someone else who loves the fair. I am married with four sons and only one will go to the fair. But we have a great time. Planning on great weather for Monday!
Cathy in Maple Grove

Ellen said...

Oh, we just bite and bullet and take the whole gang. Even if they don't want to go. Who (besides vegetarians) doesn't want Elk on a stick? Or money to ride the GIANT SLIDE? We are probably even going twice - once on the weekend and once during the week with just DH and Youngest Child who isn't in school yet.