Monday, August 07, 2006

Giving it away! The Seven Things Project

I recently meandered through several blog rings and ran into Earthchick's Seven Things Project where I had an "Aha!" moment. This is what I should be doing! Our family has been collecting stuff at an incredible rate the last couple of years (I blame the teenagers but it could really be the result of having Depression babies for parents!) and we just aren't stepping up to the plate on the donations front.

Yes, I've been giving things to a local great big sale every year but there's been an awful lot of stuff that built up and - yep - got thrown away. I think I just got overwhelmed with it all. But Earthchick decided to simplify and just get rid of seven things per week for a year. Anyone can do this! No dumpster required. I'll try to stick to the Seven Saturday plan - photos go up each Saturday - but right now I've got a backlog to show!

The two bags hold baby clothes, there's a baby bath, six yards of upholstery fabric, a basket of adult clothing and books and my favorite - the family baby bedding with Peter Rabbit. I know there won't be any more babies but that made me sad. All four kids used this and I always loved it.

As for knitting - I've been swatching the green yarn for a baby sweater. I hate this part (who doesn't?) but I can never get a swatch just right. I get almost there and then - boom, the gauge flies apart. Three times must be the charm - at least tonight.

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Guinifer said...

I can do seven things a week - goodness, what a great idea. Always too much stuff!