Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yarn Tour Triumphant!

After all our worrying, we had a lovely day Yarn Crawling through Minneapolis and the western suburbs. The sun came out from behind the clouds as we drove and the conversation was great fun. Karen, the top bidder on our charity Yarn Crawl, and two of her long-time friends, Mary and Catherine (they all went to high school together!) met us at Trinity School at River Ridge and we drove on to our first stop, Needlework Unlimited in Minneapolis.

Our guide, Brian, knew SO much! Melissa remarked that she'd been to the store many times but she'd never seem some of the specialty yarns areas that he showed us. I'd been looking forward to finding a Noni bag pattern and they had lots!

At the second store we visited, the Yarn Cafe, I ended up with some Noro Blossom for a felted bag. We also had a great lunch including a little pick-me-up - chocolate covered potato chips!

Our final stop, Amazing Threads, was a great treat and the staff was excellent. They had two trunk shows in the store - one of Cascade 220 projects and one of Interweave Press' Knitting Out of Africa. They were truly inspiring - I had to restrain myself and only bring home a little felting project - pumpkins. Unfortunately, our photos didn't turn out. You know what that means - a return trip!

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