Friday, August 25, 2006

The Saturday Seven ride again

I have to post this a little early because I am going for an early bike ride tomorrow. DH and OD and I are getting ready for the Saint Paul Bike Classic on September 10. We are doing the 30 mile ride which sounds impressive but isn't all that much. I rode 28 miles on Wednesday with OD and it was just fine. The Classic is supposed to be a great ride with live music at the rest stops and lots of camaraderie. Hopefully, no spoke problem. Two rides ago, I broke a spoke and had to walk my bike the last 1/2 mile back to the parking lot.

Today's Saturday Seven are (from left to right) some vintage car games, the last three mugs from a set of six, a bag of classic textbooks, some more training underwear, the first outgrown toddler shorts of the year and some long-unused cookbooks. What is six? Two of my favorite things to wear - turtlenecks. There are only so many turtlenecks one can have. Off they go to Saint Vincent de Paul. I'm thinking about pruning my knitting needle collection next week. Off to go ride a bike!


Guinifer said...

Have a great ride, you should have good weather for it.

Becky said...

Prune... needles?

But you might need them! What if you really really need to cast on a new project and the needles you need are stuck in the middle of a project you hate? What will you do?!

(What do you mean, enabler? ;) )

Ellen said...

Some needles deserve to be pruned! The woman who taught me to knit is very thrifty - so she had me go to St. Vincent de Paul to pick up needles. Some of these, I still have and I don't even use straight needles anymore. I am sure they would be perfect for someone else, though.